Why Do So Many Young Women Nowadays Aspire To Be Instagram Models?

If you are new to the platform, you may find this statistic quite interesting- the now-Facebook-owned company has one user in every nine individuals globally, thereby amassing a massive 800 million monthly active users and counting. In simple terms, Instagram has now become one of the most convenient and effective ways for businesses to reach mass audiences worldwide.

But having said that, there is a change in the narrative as the world is transitioning into a whole new decade. A detailed observation will essentially help you realise that Instagram is now witnessing the emergence of a new generation of powerful digital publishers – fashion models.

It’s essential mentioning that model girls are now making waves on the platform since their influence is apparent. They are often the first to introduce new trends to society or even show off their style. Here’s a detailed breakdown of five reasons why young women nowadays aspire to be Instagram models.

  1. Models Are the Second Most-Followed Account Type

Right at the beginning, it is only necessary to mention that models rank second after musicians when it comes to most-followed account categories on Instagram. This is primarily since model girls are the primary reference point for fashion enthusiasts from worldwide.

One could say that the new age models are power publishers. They are triumphing over multinational and legacy brands when it comes to an online audience- and they are better at maintaining interaction with the mass public.

  1. Models Use Instagram as Their Modern Portfolio

Models of the current generation have fast realised that garnering the attention of any independent model agency, scouts, and major casting directors on Instagram can only provide the right platform to build their career in the business. So, you can say that the popular social media platform has effectively revolutionised modelling.

The trade experts have suggested that casting directors nowadays rely on Instagram profiles first before looking at any model’s portfolio. This is essentially why most models have their Instagram account reflecting their business life, predominantly marketing themselves as a brand.

If you are a newcomer to the business, you must realise that models only agree to collaborate with lifestyle brands when they truly wish to promote them on their Instagram account. They are extremely aware of the significance of brand endorsement and how such choices can help them progress their careers.

  1. Models Shoot Content Daily

Modelling may seem to be a glamorous profession, which is true to every bit. However, the business is extremely rigorous and demands tremendous professional commitment and labour. Any first-rate model usually shoots for numerous modelling gigs over 2,500 times on average per year, thereby clearly proving the serious content generation abilities necessary to succeed in the trade.

Any aspiring model would want to make a name on Instagram, essentially collaborating with the best photographers and industry pros. This essentially allows the budding professional to incorporate expert professional advice for their feed. Moreover, the job entails travel- thereby allowing the individual to create content in stunning foreign locations.

  1. From Runway to Off-Duty, Models Are Owning Instagram

As mentioned already, models are now leading fashion content development in the world. They are routinely catering to their fans’ interest by providing the never seen before behind-the-scene experiences and unique industry expertise.

In simple terms, it won’t be wrong to claim that Instagram has essentially become the global destination for the fashion community. With this one-stop shop, any independent model agency can discover a new form of interactivity. This is fundamentally due to the inextricable fusion happening between fashion models and Instagram in the modern age.

Models are now reliant on the popular social media platform since it allows them to share a unique experience- something that can be best defined as the centre of visual inspiration for the fashion community (with features aka Instagram Stories).

  1. Models Have Credibility outside Social Media

There’s no denying that the online audience is constantly pursuing to find the latest product recommendations and travel destinations on the internet. This is further fuelled by their ever-increasing habit of browsing the internet on their mobile devices.

This is where models are earning their fame on Instagram. Their constant interaction with the best fashion professionals and industry creative makes them the most trusted source of fashion advice. The regular audience is constantly hooked on the profiles of the top-rated models since they want access to such exclusive insights and industry news- and the models essentially provide them a sense of connection to the industry.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it only fits to mention that Instagram has become the most effective fashion tool for young models. This is fundamental since they can now share an international source of inspiration, both on and off the runway.


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