Why Do Men Go To Escorts?

We talk about sex much too often as if it were only a physical act. A method of scratching an itch, “getting off,” or releasing sexual tension.

Sex, on the other hand, maybe so much more. Sex may be a means to experience intimacy and commitment, a form of expressing love and admiration, a method to tap towards a more passionate and playful aspect of ourselves, and maybe even a chance to escape the responsibilities and strains of life for a few minutes in the framework of a consenting partnership.

What about when sex is compensated? Is paying for sex only a physical act? Is it possible that people who pay for sex get something extra out of the encounter with escort Geneva?

Having One’s Virginity Taken Away

In this survey, around a quarter of the males said the first moment they paid for sex was also their initial sexual experience. In that perspective, they were purchasing sex to lose their virginity.

Being a virgin was viewed as a terrible or humiliating experience by these guys. These males, whether in their early to mid-twenties, claimed they felt they were too old to remain virgins and wanted to get rid of the designation.

When chatting to or addressing women “in real life,” many males said they felt hesitant and anxious. They claimed that paid sex provided them with a safe environment in which they could conquer their fears and poor self-esteem, as well as avoid their shyness when meeting girls, while still losing their virginity.

Getting Rid of Rejection

Some of the guys in this survey mentioned feeling under a lot of pressure when dating, with the first sexual contact seeming like a show that could either make things more significant or kill the relationship.

These guys expressed their anxiety that if a woman did not want to see him after sex, it would be viewed as a sign of bad sexual performance on his part. In this way, sex during the early stages of a relationship was fraught with the risk of rejection.

Paid sex, on the other hand, provided for a shared agreement of what would (and would not) happen after intercourse. There were no misconceptions regarding the nature of the transaction between the guy paying for sex and the sex worker, and there were no misconceptions about the possibility of a life together.

Sexual Abilities

There is still a prevalent narrative that males must be sexually proficient and are the ones who bring sexual pleasure. However, when it came to paid sex with escort Geneva, the males in this research said that the pressures were reduced.

Men indicated they didn’t mind being sexually naive when having intercourse with a sex worker. They claimed they didn’t feel as obligated to put on a show as they would if they were courting or hooking up with a lady.

Men also stated that the sex worker was supposed to have sexual abilities, even though they did not feel pressured to be sexually adept. Some guys claimed that paying for sex allowed them to learn new sexual abilities that they may apply with other women in the future.

Getting Through Sexual Difficulties

Paid sex with call girls has also been described as providing a non-threatening environment in which some men felt secure to indulge in sex despite their sexual anxieties, such as the dread of not being able to get an erection.

That is, males said they felt more secure asking for certain requirements to be satisfied to have or sustain their endowments without feeling vulnerable with their partner.

Several men sounded weak or self-conscious about their sexual demands, while others expressed prioritising their enjoyment, perhaps to the point of humiliating or overpowering the sex worker in the procedure.

Men Don’t Have Enough Healthy Outlets

We all deserve those one or two individuals who see us for who we are underneath the mask and still love us. Sadly, most guys do not have even one such individual in their lives. A buddy with whom they can be entirely open.

As a result, they seek it out and discover it among sex workers. They spend to have a space where they can be themselves. A safe space to discuss problems without fear of being judged or ridiculed.

Younger guys, without a question, have an easier time attracting sex partners than older males. Moreover, even if they have available means, younger men may be more susceptible to the shame associated with paying for sex.


Paying for sex with call girls, the males in this survey said, meant paying for a location to manage their concerns and weaknesses, address sexual difficulties, and escape rejection they may otherwise experience in the dating scene.

The findings add to our understanding of what men are truly paying for when they pay for sex, and they imply that we may be underestimating the emotional labour that goes into sex employment.


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