What does 1 or 2 shots mean when an escort says that?

The sex business has employed slang and acronyms for as long as there has been a sex industry. Call girls established their slang vocabulary to interact with one another and their clients to keep themselves safe.

Shots on goal is a shorthand for chances at orgasm or the number of times a guy ejaculates when used in a sexual setting. This idiom is derived from the same-named athletic phrase, which refers to goal attempts. Shots on goal are commonly abbreviated as SOG. Attempts at orgasm is another name for it.

What does it imply when an escort says “1 or 2 shots”?

When it comes to escort service, a session is defined as one in which you penetrate and orgasm (i.e.Cum) for the first time. Two orgasms equal two shots, and so on. Many of the employees are also paid on an hourly basis, so you may do it as many times as you like till she is available.

What Are Multiple Shots On Goal?

Multiple shots on goal (MSOG) is a slang phrase for multiple ejaculations in the course of a sexual session. Shots on goal are a word from the sporting world that refers to efforts to score in sports like football and hockey. Somebody who can take several shots on target, like an athlete, may “shoot” multiple times.

In the sex industry, the expression “many shots on goal” is widely employed. Call girls may charge a fee for more orgasms or allow several shots on target for a single cost. Ejaculating is generally referred to as “shooting a load,” hence this expression usually refers to many orgasms experienced by a male client.

When Can Someone Get MSOG?

Numerous orgasms with a sex worker in a similar session qualify as multiple shots on goal. Multiple orgasms can happen when doing manual labour, having oral sex, or having penetrative intercourse. The customer may orgasm over various regions of the sex worker’s body, including the chest and eventually the face.

On their website or menu, sex workers usually indicate many shots on the goal. They frequently specify whether they allow many shots on goal upfront so that their customers know what they’re getting for their money and aren’t unhappy with the amount of service they receive. Some sex workers, on the other hand, do not mention whether they allow several shots on target.

Instead, they assess their services on an individual basis. Some may allow many shots on target if their customer finishes fast, but limit orgasms for longer-lasting clients. Others may reward long-term consumers with many shots on goal as a token of their appreciation. Clients should keep in mind that the sex worker is always in charge and can establish their terms. Numerous shoots or multiple pops are terms used to describe multiple shots on goal.

More on Multiple Goal Scoring Shots (MSOG)

Sex workers from the best escort service who are frequently paid by the hour are more likely to allow many shots on goal. Multiple shots on goal could be part of the offerings of escorts giving the “girlfriend experience,” since people in real-life relations may have intercourse numerous times during a sexual session. Allowing many shots on goal throughout the girlfriend experience enhances the role-play the part of the relationship.

Escorts May Charge Extra For MSOG

Sex workers who just provide sexual services, on the other hand, may include many shots on goal as part of their services. Some of these experts are charged with ejaculation. Those who allow several shots on goal, on the other hand, are more likely to cover this service in their hourly charge. For bookings of less than an hour, several shots on goal are less likely.

That’s because males normally require at least 30 minutes after orgasm, but more commonly an hour or two before they can grow erect and have another. Some sex workers who arrange 30-minute sessions, on the other hand, provide repeated shots on goal.

Clients may prefer sex workers who can shoot numerous times at the target. These sex workers may make their clients feel as though they are being catered to in every way. Those who suffer from premature ejaculation prefer sex workers who give numerous shots on goal since they don’t think like they’ve squandered their money if they shoot early in a session.

MSOG is Might Be Advantageous for The Clients

People who haven’t had sex in a long time or who are unskilled might find comfort in seeing a sex professional who gives many shots on target. They may also rest certain that even if they cum soon, they will receive excellent value for their money. The best escort services that provide many shots on goal tend to attract repeat customers and may find more success in their business as a result of client loyalty.


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