Ways To Stay Positive In Modelling Industry

“All that glitters is not gold”, we all are familiar with this proverb. The fashion industry and models working in this industry might seem all glittery but the truth is models suffer from mental health issues more than any other person in different professions. By watching them from a distance we might feel that they are happy and living their life in the best way. The social media accounts of the fashion models do not tell the real story that is behind the camera and reels.

Models have a tough life. They feel exhausted, lonely and have different Cravings which they can’t be satisfied due to their strict diets. Mental health is one of the biggest problems that both male and female models face in the fashion world today.

Models indeed get to enjoy a lot of things that normal people can’t but they are much more anxious and have insecurities that are hard to deal with sometimes.  Young models find it difficult to accept everything in the beginning but with time they better.

What Are The Reasons Behind Mental Illness?

It is noticed that one in among every four people near you suffer from mental problems. People who work as professionals in the creative industry have more anxiety and mental health problems compared to the rest. Around forty per cent of the models who work in the fashion industry have disorders related to depression and eating habits.

The world of fashion is highly pressured and fast-paced from behind till the end. One has to start working in a day as early as possible and they finish of very late. Models have to travel a lot from one place to another and have to skip meals and sleep. These all are the common things that make the models mentally ill.

During the time of fashion weeks, the lifestyle of both male and female models become hectic and they get the feeling of anxiety and doubt self-worth. The pressure is huge as they have to do their best always and impress the companies and brands so that they can get projects in future. Continuous competition is also the reason why they suffer from depression.

Some model agency and agents also put extra work load at times. We can say that the fashion industry might not encourage mental and physical health disorders but it can be seen that the fashion industry is responsible for eating disorders and anxiety. Read to know-how.

Models Face Constant Rejection

A large amount of criticism and harsh rejections are some of the things that affect fashion models to a great extend. They have to wear a lot of casting just to be ready for the photoshoots and shows. The young models are more prone to losing their confidence when they have to face continuous rejection for their work.

Comments On Their Weight

We all must have watched interviews of some of the models who have talked about the constant pressure of losing weight. Though not all model agency are the same, some promote body positivity and hire models of different sizes and shapes. But the pressure of losing weight leads to problems related to eating and makes models self-conscious and insecure.

A fashion model mental health can be affected when they are asked to reduce a few pounds of body weight continuously. They find it difficult to love themselves and indulge in self-hatred.

The Trends On Social Media

Negative comments, the number of followers and unrealistic pictures of other people’s profiles are certain things that make people emotionally weak and they fall into depression. Social Media life is false and it is edited to a great extend. Though we know these are still in some people these posts and pictures create a sense of insecurity and they cannot accept themselves.

What Should A Model Do To Stay Positive?

Naturally, models feel that way. There is nothing to be ashamed and embarrassed by. Not just models, we also feel the same sometimes due to the constant comments made by our relatives and friends. But it is important to think positive and keep these negative comments away from our life. Some of the things that one should try to stay positive are:

  • Stay away from social media accounts and take some time off your smartphone. Even if you can stay away from it for an hour, it will be effective for you.
  • Make sure that you eat and sleep well.
  • Always keep some time for yourself when your can revaluate.
  • Speak to your friends and family whenever you can and speak your heart out. This will help you keep things off your chest.
  • Do some exercise, go for a run or swim.

These are some of the things that you should be doing to stay positive and stay away from all the negativity.


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