Top Criteria’s that Men Look for in Escorts When Hiring Them

Men book escort services not only for sex but for various reasons. While some book them for a travel companion, others would solely need them to listen to their worries. Penetrative sex lasts for 5-10 minutes and if sex was the only cause why men had hired escorts, then they would have been booked only for that duration. Men need them for a plethora of reasons. And so, when booking an escort service for their needs, they look into multiple factors.

Important Things that Men Look for in a Call Girl

They Look for Hotter Women

To begin with, men usually look for hotter escorts. Hotter escorts tend to arouse men more than unattractive ones. Even married men or committed men look for escorts who are pretty. While men who are survived by wives and girlfriends might stay not complain with ‘not so glamorous’ women on bed. When searching for escorts, they would always go for the ones that have the best curves and attractive physical features like larger booties, bigger boobs, plumped-up lips, bigger eyes and more.

They Look for Escorts with Good Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is that one factor that men always wish for in an escort. How an escort maintains her hygiene has a lot to do with being selected by the best clients. Nobody loves spending their time with a woman who smells bad or has unkempt hair, smudged kohl, chapped lips, dry cheeks and so on. Apart from good looks, men also desire women who look flawless, with or without makeup.

They Want Escorts to Be Submissive

Ever since the discovery of coitus, men have been wanting to stay in control during sex. And staying in control at home, or with your wife and girlfriend might simply mean making the first move. But with escorts, men love dominating. They love choosing from a multitude of services offered by the call girls. And tend to pick those which they don’t usually get at home or with their usual sex partners like bondage sex, BDSM, slavery sex and more. Men find it interesting to ask for what they want from the escorts and get it, with no questions asked.

They Want Escorts with Attractive Eyes

Of all the other things that men look for in an escort, eyes are an important feature. It is what tops the list because that is what men notices in the picture posted on the website first. While you might think they look for other features first like their breasts or bums, it isn’t true. Eyes of all colours are appreciated by men. It is through eyes, that the intensity and passion of sex are reflected. And who wouldn’t want to look into dreamy eyes when going deep into a woman, anyway?

They Want Escorts to Cater to All Their Wild Fantasies

Let’s be honest, we all have fantasies which at times we don’t reveal to our girlfriends or wives. These crazy fantasies when left unfulfilled might result in frustrations and anger in men. Unfulfilled sexual fantasies can also instigate them to form relationships outside marriage. Hence, when booking escort services, men always look for women who are willing to cater to all the wildest fantasies that they have nursed so far.

They Want Escorts with the Perfect Hips

Another thing that a man looks for in an escort is their hips, especially if the woman has posed with her back bulged out. While it might sound a little sleazy, the hip area of a woman can instantly turn a man on. As per scientific studies and from a man’s point of view, it is the hips that are seen to be the most attractive features of all.

They Look for Beautiful Smile in an Escort

If you are wondering what else men look for in call girls when hiring them, then the answer to that is her smile. Only a smile alone has the power to make men fall for a woman. Besides, a smile can be of various types; starting from a sexy smirk to a cute smile to even a smile hinting at some action. Plus, men would rather prefer choosing a smiling escort over someone who looks great but is grumpy-faced. A smiling escort means that she is both friendly and has a pleasing personality.

They Look for Escorts with Long and Thick Hair

There’s something about long hair which attracts men. Maybe, it is because of how it falls all across the naked body, enhancing the raw beauty of a woman during sex. Or probably because you can hold it when choosing a doggy style. Long and healthy hair is also a sign that the woman that you have chosen to get your sexual needs fulfilled is healthy. Irrespective of the hair colour, men always choose escorts with long and thick hair.

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