Things Men Love To Hear During Dating Nights

There’s no denying that most people love hearing naughty or seductive things when making out with their partners. Take a moment and think whether you know you are aware of what makes your partner excited in bed? If you are a first-timer, you must essentially realise that men often find it more satisfying to hear their bunny models tell particular phrases in bed- this essentially caps off their delightful experience.

Hence, you must ideally go out of your way to make your partner pleased. Furthermore, you must also remember that every man wants to know whether they cater to their partner’s adult fantasies. So it’s only natural to admit that men want their women to express their feelings when going intimate with one another. Women have previously suggested that they enjoyed passionately with their partner in bed when talking nasty.

You must always remember that men are curious to know what pleases you physically and how you enjoy it. Moreover, they want to know why you do like it. Providing your partner with the information can effectively revitalise your love life and your partner’s.

Now many find it weird to ask their beautiful bunny models about this, which means you will essentially lack the topics to talk about while making love to your partner. Here are many ideas that you can use to please your partner.

Your Size is Big

There’s no denying that men appreciate hearing positive compliments from women about their genitalia. Their satisfaction reaches greater height when the compliments come from their partner. You can always compliment the private assets of the man when you are making love under the sheets. You can just tell him that you like the enormity of his genitals- that will encourage him more to satisfy your physical needs.

Love Making

Secondly, you can always rely on name-calling your partner to excite him further when making love. All you need to do is shut your eyes and keep calling his name softly when performing an act of your choosing. This will ultimately tell your partner that you only consider his presence when diving wild fantasies and physical pleasure.

Keep Doing

You must also realise that men don’t fancy halting in the middle of making love to their partner. Hence it would be best always to encourage him to keep doing what he’s doing well. It would be best to employ this tactic next time you are going intimate with your partner. This will essentially provide confidence and assurance to your partner that you are enjoying their approach to lovemaking.

This Is the Best Experience

As per experts, most men enjoy one-liners during lovemaking in bed. However, it would be best if you did not take it as a signal to use them all the time. Instead, you must ideally tell your partner that it was the best experience you’ve ever had. It’s essential to mention that little efforts such as this can effectively make a big difference in having great lovemaking.

I’m Cumming

Again, much like the rest of the ideas in this list, this one satisfies every man when they are making love to their partner in bed. You must remember that every male individual wants to know whether he’s making the moves correctly and if his partner is having as much fun as he is. This is why you must reassure your partner at every possible time about the satisfaction and pleasure you are getting from his efforts in bed- if only you are being satisfied, that is.

What Do Men Want To Try?

The internet is completely stacked with stories and articles about what men want from their bunny models in bed. They may essentially like women dominating them in bed. Furthermore, you might wonder if they are ambitious to try out a few exotic positions that they may have picked up from adult content. You must then ideally ask your partner about what they want to try out in bed.

Secret Desire 


When it comes to physical desires, you must make a mental note that men despise initiating lovemaking regularly. This is partly due to their impression of guilt for being demanding and desperate for physical intimacy with their companion. Hence you must assume the role of being in charge.


Lastly, nothing works more effectively than begging your man in the bedroom. In simple terms, they always react well to compliments while they’re doing it- who doesn’t. So you can use this tactic to encourage them to attain greater physical pleasure and entertainment.

Final Thoughts

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