The Most Famous Models of All Time

Modelling isn’t always about giving your best shots and looking your absolute best. It is the model’s illustrating power of a photographer’s vision that makes them great. One of the common things in the famous models of all time is that they aren’t only talented but are also full of perseverance, hard work, and dedication. The rolled out and featured by the branded model’s agency move out through their photographic boundaries to connect and reach further beyond. Apart from being breathtakingly gorgeous, they also have a hunger for high-end fashion.

Given below is the list of all the best and most popular models who established their strong presence in the fashion industry and are still remembered for all the good reasons.

Agyness Den: 2007’ Biggest Supermodel in the World

Vogue listed this model as one of the biggest supermodels back in 2007. The edgy, chic, and punk-rock glamorous doll deserves all the credit because of the number of brands she had been a cover face for including Burberry, Hugo Boss, Reebok, Mulberry, and Armani. The model was appreciated and lauded for her amazing style sense that boasted of exclusivity; neon accessories, suspenders, quirky bleached and cropped hair, hats, etc.

Tyra Banks: GQ’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition’s First Black Model

Tyra Banks was popular for various reasons and especially because how she shattered all the records and barriers to taking super modelling to several notches higher. A successful entertainment model of her times, Banks had ventured into the modelling industry at the young of 17. Banks takes credit for being the first black model to star on the cover page of GQ’s sports illustrated swimsuit edition. Tyra is also known to have stated America’s top reality show America’s Next Top Model.

Naomi Campbell: Vogue and Time Magazine’s First Black Model

Naomi is said to have stepped into the modelling career back in 15 years of age. She had succeeded in stomping innumerable rewards and gracing the cover pages of countless top magazines as well. She was 18 when she starred as the cover girl on both Times and Vogue magazine. Not only in model’s agency, but Naomi also had her fair share of success in her acting career as well.

Kate Moss: The Larger-than-Life Model

Kate could change the fashion world with their larger-than-life ideologies and frame. Thanks to her classic bohemian style statement and waif look, she was the muse for multiple top designers including Alexander McQueen back in the ’90s. She was one of the very few models who emblazoned herself in the popular culture and enjoyed complete celebrity status throughout her modelling career.

Gisele Bundchen: Victoria Secret’s Top Brazilian Amazonian Model

Gisele is still recalled as one of Victoria’s Secret’s top Brazilian models who was featured by the model agency back in the ’90s. She is acknowledged for putting a full stop to the ‘heroin chic’ era that had its share of popularity throughout the ’80s and early ’90s. Gisele took pride in flaunting her healthy and athletic body who also achieved success in her high fashion career.

Heidi Klum: Victoria’s Secret’s First German Model

Heidi Klum, mostly associated as Victoria’s Secret’s first German model is one of the best supermodels who could capitalize the most on both her beauty and frame. Having owned multiple product lines and being Project Runway’s popular host for multiple seasons for which she even bagged a couple of Emmy norms was a household name.

Lauren Hutton: Rarest of Models who Gained Stardom for Her Flaw

Lauren is one of the few models who was acknowledged and credited by all the best designers of her time because of a flaw: teeth gap. It is her immense confidence that made her look stunning all the time.

Lea T: The Brazilian Transgender Model

Born in Brazil, Lea T is one of the few popular transgender supermodels who had unfolded new possibilities for the overall beauty and fashion industry. She successfully went on to become Givenchy’s face in 2010, long before people started taking gender stereotypes seriously. Since her successful take in Givenchy, Lea T had participated in various runway shows and ad campaigns and it was in 2014 that she excelled as the first transgender model to become the face of a global brand.

Winnie Harlow: The Model Popular for Her Skin Condition-Vitiligo

Winnie might not be as popular as other bunny models, but she has carved a niche for herself in the world of modelling because of Vitiligo and her confidence to wear it like a champion. She got her push and start at America’s Next Top Model, and is presently the spokesperson for the same skin condition she is having and for models from top brands that also run inclusive of Desigual.

Veruschka: The Model Who Popularized Amazonian Woman Look

Born in Prussia, Veruschka was a popular model with her amazing 6ft, 3 inches height who made the Amazonian woman look popular back in the 1960s. This look went on to become the most prestigious in the fashion industry in the later years. Not only this, but the model also created real art in the world of fashion photographs and introduced poses like that of a contortionist with her crazy her.

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