Sexual Fantasies of Women That You Didn’t Know

Who said fantasies are only for men and not women? Every woman, despite her age, fetishes over something explicit, that she might or might not be comfortable to share. It doesn’t matter if is a call girl Geneva, your spouse, your girlfriend or even your romantic partner, fantasies are for everyone to imagine and daydream about. While most believe in keeping their fantasy stacked up unexplored, others dream of exploring them and achieving the same in their lifetime.

If fantasies interest you, then here are some of the most engaging ones that you can relate to, if you are a woman.

1. Accompanying Mystery Man at Night

Most women enjoy dreaming of coming across a mysterious stranger man and giving him company to an unknown motel for a night full of raving fun. The reason behind this fetish is that women believe that indulging with a stranger would mean they wouldn’t be judged for their morality, integrity or wouldn’t have to encounter any character assassination. And it doesn’t matter at the end of the day, because chances are, they wouldn’t come across that man ever again.

2. Group Sex: More is Fun

This has been a popular fetish back in the vintage days. And still today, women enjoy kinky indulgence with more than one partner. The liberty of undressing and getting to be your horniest best in front of a group of various other men and women, allowing them to touch, penetrate, seduce, rub, grope simultaneously can be amazingly erotic.

3. Female Dominatrix: Spank, Order and Make Him Beg for Love

If there’s one fantasy that a lot of women swear by is dominating a man and taking charge on the bed. When dominating, women imply:

  • Spanking their partners
  • Using toys like dildo and butt-plugs forcibly on their partners
  • Making her partner beg for what he desires
  • Getting him to suck her heels and other phallic objects.
  • Riding him forcibly
  • Sucking on his phallic object intensely
  • Biting his nipples and earlobes
  • Scratching his back
  • Talking dirty

4. Indulging in Public Intimacy: Offering a Kinky Show to the Audience

You would be taken aback to learn that most women also enjoy indulging in passionate performance in public. Women prefer having a good audience whilst they are performing various acts. The idea behind having an audience for their performance stems from their empowered and confident feelings.

5. Lovemaking with Other Women

About 59% of women have been reported to fantasize about mating with other women and the best independent escort girl. If you have always considered yourself to be a straight woman, fantasizing about women isn’t always about being gay or not having any interest in men. Female on female nooky aims at clitoral and oral stimulation. The idea that only a woman understands how it feels to be pleasured, seduced and loved at the right place is what gives rise to this fantasy.

6. Getting Intimate at a Romantic Spot

A whopping 85% of women dream of getting into passionate and raunchy lovemaking in a secluded beach, in a chilled hill station, etc. The fantasy of making out in a romantic location isn’t only because we grew up believing lovemaking happens best that way, by reading novels and watching movies. But for women, emotional factors play the most integral part in fantasies.

7. Getting Turned on in Public With Clothes on

One of the unexplored fantasy women’s dreams and desires from their partners is being fingered in a public area, while they are fully clothed. The mere thought of your partner’s fingers sliding through the panties, under the table, in a restaurant or maybe in public transport or even in movie halls is itself erotic. You can enjoy this kinky fetish with call girl Geneva and feel the adrenaline rush of making a woman wet in public.

8. Making Love While Watching Adult Movies: Live the Porn Script in Real

Nothing is more fun than watching adult movies and pornstars indulging in various lovemaking positions while channelling the same with your bed partner. Women love putting on the video that turns them on the most and prefers their partner to enact the same situation as the ongoing movie.

9. Wild and Hardcore Lovemaking with No Limits: Unleash Your Animalistic Side

Not only men, but even women love ben fondled, loved, whipped, slapped and kissed wildly and like animals with no limits whatsoever. While it’s true that not always women crave hardcore and punishment lovemaking because a lot of it depends upon which mood you are in. But at times when she is at the edge, or is a little bit intoxicated, getting commanded, ordered and made to get on the knees as a submissive slave is all that she wants.

10. Watching Your Partner Making Love in the Mirror

There’s something about indulging in intercourse while watching your partner in the mirror.

  • It makes you horny to the core.
  • It makes you live the entire experience with your heart and soul.
  • You get to see your partner naked right from top to toe.
  • You can watch his bareback going back and forth
  • You enjoy the show

Studies prove that you enjoy making love the best when you are watching your partner in the mirror.

These 10 fantasies are quite common and almost every woman can have them. They aren’t only normal but every woman has felt this kind of fantasy some time in their life. To enjoy sex at its best and to experience one such fantasy in real life, you can hire an independent call girl from Bunny Models. Command your wishes, and the escort shall have them fulfilled for you. Despite how kinky and weird your fantasy is, the escort will make it come true for you.