Personal Grooming Ideas for Escorts

There’s no denying that knowing the appropriate makeup techniques can be highly critical to your success as a call girl- Whether you’re a seasoned escort or just starting. You must essentially realise that your appearance determines your success (together with your professionalism). This is essential since the escort industry is based on appearance.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of some of the essential makeup recommendations that the best escort Switzerland keeps in mind to wow their clients.

Tip #1: Get Your Skin Ready

Ideally, it would be best to begin by preparing your skin before adding any makeup product to it. As per most skin experts, you must pay equal attention to the rest of your body and not just about your face skin. To put it simply, this is necessary since your clients will get up and personal with your complete body. Moreover, it only makes sense to admit that dry skin doesn’t appeal to many.

Tip #2: Recognise Your Skin Tone

Secondly, you must necessarily note that using cosmetics without previously recognising your skin’s characteristics can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, you must ideally determine your skin tone before purchasing any makeup.

Digging further on the subject will reveal that Smokey eyes, Natural blush, heavy mascara, and black matte lipsticks typically look nice on a white and blonde escort. Additionally, it only fits to admit that you can seek the advice of a professional makeup artist to understand your skin tone’s cosmetic requirements better.

Tip #3: Use Cosmetics That Is Compatible With Each Other

If you are a first-timer, you must essentially realise that a comprehensive understanding of makeup science and product compatibility will help you a long way. To put it simply, not all cosmetics are compatible with one other. Therefore you should remember that oil, silicone, and wax are the four most used makeup bases- mixing them could result in distinct reactions.

Tip #4: First And Foremost, Lay a Firm Foundation

Ideally, it would be best to start with a solid foundation to create a work of art with your makeup. Then, you should ideally apply foundation to your skin before applying concealer or any other type of makeup.

As per the experts, beginning with a foundation coat reduces redness and discolouration on the skin. Furthermore, it can also prepare a smooth surface for makeup application. You can eventually apply concealer to cover any lingering redness or imperfections.

Tip #5: Apply Mascara with a Spoon

If you happen to struggle with applying the mascara to your eyelids, you are not alone. To put it simply, this happens to practically everyone unless you are a professional makeup artist. The remedy is extremely straightforward: get a spoon.

Although this may seem strange, you must remember that placing the spoon’s end carefully under your eyelashes before applying mascara can prevent any residue from reaching your eyelids. This will help you achieve the perfect sassy eyelashes to wow your customers and become the best escort in Zurich, Switzerland.

Tip #6: Use Concealer Correctly

There’s no denying that using a concealer or foundation on your eyelids for creating a flawless basis for your eye makeup can be extremely tempting. However, you must not subscribe to that idea. This is since the concealer is typically known to draw attention to wrinkles around your eyes instead of giving your skin a matte texture.

Alternatively, you can use a concealer to mask dark circles beneath the eyes. There is, however, an acceptable way to go about it. It would be best to begin by effectively refraining from using concealer around your eyes. You should, instead, draw a triangle beneath your eyes to hide the fact that you’ve used concealer to cover up your dark circles.

Tip #7: Match Your Lip and Cheek Colours

Ideally, you should choose a natural look if you are planning to see your customer for a casual date in a park or a local bar. Ideally, you must keep in mind that maintaining the same colour palette on your cheeks and lips is a simple method to draw attention to your natural features.

However, it is necessary to mention that people rarely have the same lipstick and blusher. So if you are also in the middle of such a scenario, you don’t need to buy a new lipstick or blusher.

It would be best if you instead chose to apply lipstick to the back of your hand, rub your fingertip on it, and then gently dab it on your cheeks to apply your lip tint. You must most definitely combine your blusher powder with moisturiser and use it on your lips if you take a different approach.

Bottom Line

It only fits to admit that the tips mentioned above can help you achieve a flawless look every time you apply makeup for your call girl appointments. You will not only see improved results, but your skin will thank you as well.


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