Maintaining an Exciting Sex Life When Single

There’s no denying that more (and better) consensual sex primarily leads to a happier life in modern times. Alternatively, people see their personal lives as more comfortable and less stressful when they have a healthy sex life.

Multiple studies back this state that married couples with an active sex life have higher marital happiness. Furthermore, it would be best to keep in mind that couples who experience orgasm together are significantly happier than the rest.

But What Does That Mean For Single People?

Further studies by expert psychologists have suggested that the quality of a single person’s sex life is highly critical- since it can predict their desire to pursue singlehood. This means you are less likely to look for marriage or even any committed relationship if you are satisfied with your sex life as a single person.

Alternatively, you must realise that the happiness of a single individual is not similar for women as they are for men. This does not have to do anything because women have less sex drive and desire for non-committed sex than men. However, society is more consistently criticised for acting on their desires.

Detailed observation will essentially reveal that women continued to be slut-shamed for preferring (and performing) sex- even in the age of sexual emancipation. In contrast, men can still pursue no-strings-attached sex. To put it simply, these expectations are a by-product of societal taboo rather than biological facts.

Sex is Key

It only fits to admit that the key to a happy life for single people is high-quality sex life- even though this is much more accessible and convenient for men than women. To put it simply, women, unfortunately, still have a long way to go in human interpersonal relationships.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the several ways you can go about when it comes to maintaining a sex life as a single individual.

Paid Sex

There’s no denying that this is a highly effective option to get sex if you are single. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that the only drawback here is you will have to pay for the services of the call girls. Therefore, you must ideally start by finding the best Germany escort agency around you.

Friends with Benefit

Ideally, you should pick a friend from your inner circles that sexually arouses you and propose the idea. Then, if they share a similar point of view and agree to your proposal, you can enjoy a healthy sex life without getting hooked on any commitment. Plus, it doesn’t cost a penny or the need to find any Germany escort agency.


Thirdly, you can always choose to satisfy your sexual needs with adult toys- especially if bringing call girls is out of contention. However, if you are a first-timer, you must ensure that the toys are fresh and not shared to avoid the possibility of STD. to put it simply, this option will provide no sense of intimacy.

There’s no denying that both men and women express their desire for a committed relationship or marriage for entirely different reasons. However, you must ideally choose to ignore sex from the equation to settle on an affinity for the right reasons. The reasons could typically be finding a life partner rather than securing sex on-demand. In another language, the desire for a busy sex life should be a part of a committed relationship, but it isn’t a strong enough basis for the relationship on its own.

Bottom Line

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