How to Dress up When Dating a Model?

As the old proverb goes, you will not have a second chance to create your first impression again. Going for a date that too with a model girl can be nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. So if you are planning to date one of the bunny models, you should prepare accordingly to make the most out of it. Wearing a great outfit that makes you feel confident is all you need to create a great dating experience.

Having a great dressing sense means knowing what to wear according to the ambience. Moreover, you should be comfortable with your attire. Here you will get a brief idea about the concept of dressing you should follow while dating, especially a model.

When In Doubt, Always Go For Red or Black

As some colour psychologists say, the best colour option to select on your first ever date is always red or black. Wearing red can make you look more attractive and desirable, especially if you are a woman. On the other hand, black exhibits the bold and blazing sides of you. According to a famous reality dating show, black is the most go-to colour to wear for the first date irrespective of gender.

Considering you are going to hire a bunny girl anytime sooner and going to experience the first-ever date with a model, just remember not to overdress and try to go for a single-coloured outfit. As a supermodel, your partner is surely going to be one of the fashion geeks. Always keep it in mind and prepare accordingly.

Try Avoiding Brown and Orange

Knowing what to wear on your date is cool, but it’s equally important to know what you should avoid on your special day. According to the colour psychologists, refrain from choosing the outfit of brown and orange colour. The logic behind it is simple. Orange is often used to get people’s attention on the construction signs, safety gear, and caution signs. So wearing orange may send soft signals to your partner’s subconscious mind that you are trying to seek her attention and being arrogant.

On the other side, brown exactly replicates the opposite of it. Putting on a brown outfit makes you look boring and too serious. If you want to make a long-lasting impression on the model girl hired by a models agency, be picky with the colour of your outfit.

Shoe Is the Most Important Part of Your Outfit

While giving attention to the outfit, you may end up giving the least importance to your shoes. According to the fashionistas, the first focus while noticing a stranger goes to the shoes. Suppose you have booked a lavished place for your first date, put on a designer dress but come up with a pretty ordinary pair of boots. Will it justify your overall attire?

First, decide your outfit pattern and its colour. Then go for the right pair of shoes, which compliments the while attire. You may ask for some fashion advice from your fashion designer friend if you have one.

Avoid Looking Too Fashion Conscious

When it comes to dating an attractive model, going for the classic outfit instead of too trendy dresses is the best option you opt for. Clothing that is too much trendy can make your appearance unapproachable. For men, wearing a simple t-shirt or semi-formal shirt with classic jeans or chinos followed by a belt and matching shoes could be the best option.

If you have the privilege to have a conversation with the bunny models you are about to hire, you can convey your dressing preference to them. As you are the client for them, your partner will always give priority to your choices and dress according to your choice. But make sure both of you should stick to solid or small-patterned prints instead of those loud patterns and obnoxious colour options.

Find Your Comfort in Your Attire

Last but not least, the attire you are choosing must be comfortable for you to carry. Don’t be too experimental with the selection, as you might end up feeling uneasy. And nothing looks more awkward than a man who is diffident about his looks. Just do yourself a favour and choose your kind of dress and act normal. Being yourself is the most impressive as well as important thing while dating your girl.

Although dressing might not feel that important, it can gain a whole new significance once you put it into context. The model girl hired from the models agency won’t know much about you. So the first perception in her mind will be based on your entire outfit. So by everyone means, you need to make it count. The use of some additional accessories like a tie, a nice watch, or even light face makeup is a great way to boost your overall confidence.