How Do Models Take Care of Their Skin?

Since models are expected to keep up with their flawless skin, it is safe to bet that their knowledge of skincare regimes is much better than an average person’s. That said, here you shall come to know how bunny models take care of their radiant and glowing skin for fashion shows, runways, and various modeling projects. A lot of tested-and-tried tricks are implemented by them to maintain that healthy glow on the skin.

A lot of us love drooling how impeccably beautiful they all look on runways, but only a few of us know what it takes to achieve that angel-like look. Let us delve into all the tips and tricks they use to look good all the time.

Top Most Used Tricks by Models for an Immaculate Skin

Apple Cider Vinegar to Fight Pimples

Most of the models swear on apple cider vinegar when it comes to treating pimples overnight. Pimples occur majorly because of hormonal changes and the ones coming out right before important shows demand to be fought carefully so they can offer a clean slate look to their makeup artists the following day. Hence, they simply apply the apple cider vinegar on the places where there’s a possibility of acnes coming to, to put a stop to it. They douse the cotton pad in vinegar before pressing the area for some time.

Yogurt to Eradicate Eye Bags

A lot of models getting featured from the models’ agency are lucky to be blessed with good skin but when it comes to fatigue, not many know how to fight that tired look on their face resulting from long hours of work, jet lag, or even stress. Eye circles are common in models who travel a lot and all they do to make it disappear is apply yogurt on the back of a spoon. They then apply the yogurt all around their eyes and keep it on for about 5 minutes before rinsing the face. Thanks to the coldness and probiotics present in the yogurt, it works wonders on fatigue looks.

Multiple Layers of Moisture for Smooth and Healthy Skin

While some stay content just by applying a single layer of moisturizer post washing their face, the top bunny models apply as many as 5 different things in the morning. They start with a face wash to cleanse their face before putting their facial oils and a good day cream. They choose one in a week for deep exfoliation and on weeks where there have important fashion shows coming up, they prefer exfoliating twice a week. They abstain from all types of alcohol consumption and tobacco as well to keep their skin radiant.

DIY Face Brightener using Honey and Strawberry

One of the quick and effective beauty tricks shared by models for a refreshed skin look is a DIY brightener made of honey and fresh strawberries. They mash the strawberries and mix them along with a few dollops of honey to rub them on their face and to turn it soft and fresh. The best part? They smell good as well.

Nose Exfoliation to Prevent Peeling and Flaking

You might have heard about face exfoliation but you wouldn’t have any idea about nose exfoliation. Noses are the most vulnerable when it comes to peeling and flaking, considering the amount of sunlight they receive every day and how they are exposed to your shades. The models’ agency, therefore, highlights the importance of nose exfoliation using a natural scrub like a mixture of sugar and olive oil. Olive oil is known to keep your skin moisturized, while sugar is known for scrubbing.

Weekly Visits to the Saunas for Clear Skin

Models in a lot of countries do not pay attention to skin maintenance packages but rather indulge in luxurious spa sessions once a week. For the top supermodels, routine spa visits are key to achieving the looks of your dreams. Owing to the amount of makeup their skin is exposed to every alternate day, the models admit to spending a significant time at the spa every week to keep their skin clear.

Cucumber Skins for Fatigued Skin

You might be pretty aware of cucumber slices over your eyes, but a top model once revealed a trick that she uses for herself. To begin with, she prefers using the cucumber peel instead of its flesh, and rather than putting the peel on her eyes alone she suggests using it on your entire face to get the best out of its impact. But to get results, you must pick organic cucumbers only that are naturally grown and don’t contain any pesticides or chemicals. Cucumbers are used by beauticians because of their antioxidants and because of their ability to treat swelling and inflammation.

A lot of hard work goes into the maintenance of flawless skin. Not only for a day, but models keep up with the skincare routine every day to look their glamorous best all the time. The Bunny Models is one such company that offers extravagant-looking models for all your needs, brand marketing, magazine cover, and even dating purposes. Book one of their models now and enjoy praising them for their Goddess-like skin.


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