Geneva Escorts and All the Unusual Sexual Fetishes They Fulfil

The Geneva escorts often build an intimate bonding with their clients, and thanks to their line of work, they are apprised of all their client’s deepest kinks and fetishes. They are even privy to fantasies which even they might not have shared with anyone to date, not with their romantic partner. However, only the prostitutes are informed about their fantasies since they are the ones whom they approach to get them fulfilled.

Most Common Kinks Escorts Can Fulfill for You

Role-Playing: Take up The Role of your Favorite Character

  • Role-playing is one of the most standard fetishes that include playing characters that aren’t anything close to your regular activities.
  • Role-playing can range from taking on the character of your boss at the office and assuming the escort to be your secretary.
  • It can even mean channelling your favourite TV series character.
  • Or it might even involve creating a whole make-belief character and enacting an imaginative scene.

In most cases, male clients desire their female call girls to play an authoritative woman who is abusing her power.

1. Threesomes: Enjoy Hardcore Indulgence with Two Beautiful Women

Contrary to what you believe or might have heard, the threesome has nothing to do with the inadequacy or incompetency of a woman to fulfil her man’s thirst on the bed. Rather it is every man’s dream to indulge in intimacy with two women at a time. Despite being a common fetish, it isn’t easy to arrange or influence two women at a time to get on the bed with a single man. However, with independent escort girls, you can get your fantasy fulfilled at a flip of a coin.

2. Anal Sex: Explore the Unexplored Part of Lovemaking

There’s a strong chance that you might not have been able to explore anal sex before. It remains to be a taboo fetish in society. No wonder, why men from around the world come to get a taste of heaven from them. One of the primary reasons why men desire and crave anal sex is because it is a forbidden aspect. Moreover, the effort that goes into convincing the partners to get them to do it is what turns men off. Here comes the role of call girl service, who can happily perform the unexplored part with you. The extra pleasure that you get from the tightness is sure to turn you on.

3. BDSM: Discover all The Erotic Behaviors

Who said BDSM was only limited to adult movies? Thanks to the call girls, you can finally make your darkest fantasy come alive. BDSM is one of the most all-encompassing fantasies that include all types of

  • Torture
  • Tickling
  • Bondage
  • Spanking.

For ages, all of these erotic gestures were seen to be results of childhood trauma, but modern studies suggest that are equally normal as any other position, form or fetish.

4. Cuckolding: Bring Your Romantic Partner Along to Enjoy a Show

Cuckolding is one of the BDSM forms that includes calling over either your girlfriend or spouse to watch you indulging in intimacy with someone else. The entire objective behind this fantasy is to arouse your partner by getting cosy with a different partner. Cuckolding can be performed with them, while you bring along your partner to watch the show and get inspired.

5. Nylons: Have Fun Watching Your Partner Perform in Nylons

The fetish over nylons means they desire their partner to indulge in lovemaking wearing nylons. It is the tactile part that turns on a man. Men confirm getting erotic feelings while watching someone slip into nylon outfits. The craze of nylons can strictly be about:

  • Watching your woman perform all kinds of love behaviours with the nylon on.
  • Or it can also mean watching someone put on nylons and peel them off.

If you have any such desire, you can always ask your hired escort to come dressed in nylon, and they shall abide by your orders willingly.

6. Whipping: A Striking Combination of Pain and Pleasure

Thanks to mainstream movies, whips have become one of the most sought-after fetishism in men. What was once a dream, can now be turned into reality.

  • They can fulfil your dream of whipping during the action.
  • They are ready to take on whatever punishment you want to give to her.

Be careful to discuss where she is comfortable being whipped at on her body, and based on the pain you can accordingly plan your hardest whip.

We understand if you are already turned on by all the common fetishes. Now to transform them into reality and watch them getting fulfilled, you can always book independent Geneva escort girls from Bunny Models. The gorgeous set of women is there to value your obsession and cater to your wildest fetishes with joy and passion.


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