VIP Escort Munich

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The high-class models despise having to collect costs in hand, particularly when they’re on the road. If you’re arranging a travel companion or a longer-term appointment near me, we’ll need money upfront to secure the arranging, clear the model’s calendar, and book any flights or transportation.

When you make your reservation with our agency, we will directly tell you of the billing company’s name. We do not expose the billing business name to the general public for the privacy of our VIP clients.

As previously stated, you can settle your account using a direct transfer for the rate or a major credit card. Some gentlemen choose to pay a retainer so that they may call at any moment to easily and swiftly schedule their companions’ arrival.

If you want the best female escort to join you outside of her hometown, which is common, her travel costs and any required five-star accommodations will be added to the paying cost for her time. When you approach us to enquire about creating an invitation, we’ll go over the profile specifics with you.