Escorts Reveal Their Secrets to Luring Men

To bust your myth, not all call girls Geneva choose to go out in person to attract clients, unless they’re working on the streets itself (which doesn’t apply to high-end escorts). To begin with, top-class escorts don’t attract any clients per se. The entire process of booking an escort and getting booked by a client demands active participation from two sides.

Here are some of the ways that escorts get clients.

They Hold Out Ads for their Prospective Clients

In the modern age, escort service providers post ads online or even in newspapers. Clients come across these websites where the model escorts are offering their services. The escort service agencies usually post online ads and in newspapers as well. The VIP escorts never go out on public stings to look for clients but rather advertise their portfolio from where the clients have a look at their photos, age, and other details.

They Join in as a Review Board Member

Another most important option for independent call girls to seek clients is by becoming a part of an online review board and or forums. These forums can sometimes be called one type of free advertising. This is the perfect option for escorts who find it difficult to visit the newspaper agencies to post their newspaper ad. The forums unlike the newspaper classifieds don’t include much activity and only a few signs up for forum memberships.

They Can Advertise Their Services on the Advertising Section of the Review Forums

The review forums include an advertising section where individual escort service providers having paid accounts can post their offered services as part of the advertisement. This is one of the most effective and result-oriented advertising forms but can be a little pricey. However, the price can be justified for the flexibility to dispute bad feedback, remove the negative reviews and chat openly with all the potential clients. For those who have members of the paid account, you can enjoy a certain level of reputation and prestige. Nevertheless, this can be a booster for those who are new in the industry.

They Sign into Independent Escort Service Agency Websites

The independent service agency company websites are another great type of promotion that comes either at zero charges or a minimum monthly fee. The fee is chargeable only if the call girl wishes to own more pages and avail of exclusive features.

They Put in Efforts to Focus on Increasing Readability

You might have created the most attractive text on your website using the pro tip. However, it is now time to build an ideal contrast between the background and the text. You are doing it wrong if clients leave the moment, they enter your website. Your clients leaving your page because of unattractive and loud colour schemes is the last thing you would want. So avoid using poor colour combinations and rather concentrate on using charming ones to boost your playground.

They Use a More Approachable Tone

A lot of male clients get turned off watching and reading everything that is written on the website blog. This is because the escorts are either using excessive flowery language in their ‘About Me’ section that demands the use of a dictionary. Or it is filled with redundancy and silly grammatical mistakes. This is the reason, why the call girls Geneva maintain a professional tone. Keeping a professional tone on the website allows the clients to form a good opinion about you and make them believe that you love your job. While you must use amazing language, make sure the text is easily readable.

The escorts hence, discuss and talk about skills that are easy to grasp by the visitors who quickly scan the content and find out whatever they want.

They Stay Away from Using Words that Sound “Commanding”

When putting out advertisements on the webpage, the call girls restrict themselves from using commanding words like

  • “Meet me now”
  • ‘Get screened right away”
  • “Don’t waste your time, dial my number now”

All of these words are an instant turn off for male clients. Rather they prefer using smiling emojis to highlight a friendly yet respectable personality. This way they get more bookings and greater visibility online.

They Use an Interesting “Call to Action

This is what multi-millionaire companies do as well to increase their profit margins and to broaden their client base. As escorts, it is obvious that you would want your clients to make a move or take an action while they are reading your website. So, adding a ‘call to action line is just what you need to make the process of attracting clients quicker and more effective.

By using all of these tactics, it is possible to attract potential clients and make better money as an escort. And for those looking for a no-strings-attached companion that isn’t only gorgeous but is intelligent as well, look no further than Bunny Models. The independent escort service company offers glamorous models for your pleasure needs and sexual fantasies.


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