Do You Know About All the Sexual Fetishes

Summary: You must have heard a lot about sexual fetishes. But do you about all the kinks? If not, time to know more about them here before relishing the company of escort service to try them out.

If you indulge in sex or are interested in reading about it, then you might have already come across some of the common fetishes like bondage, foot fetishes and so on. However, there are more to the list which you might not have heard of. Most of the time, topics related to fetishes and kinks are often left un-discussed. This is because they are broadly stigmatized, given how sex is still considered a shame in our culture. However, to make the most of your next escort service, you must learn all about them.

Here is a compilation of all the sexual kinks for you to stay well-informed about them.

Cuckolding: Arouse Your Sexual Interest by Watching Your Partner Being Toyed

Cuckolding is one kind of BDSM as per sexual researchers. Cuckolding includes calling for the person to experience their partner indulging in power play with another man in bed. It might even mean listening to narratives about their partner having intercourse or foreplay with a different man. The idea behind this kink revolves around humiliation. Try the entire experience of watching and listening to your partner or hired call girls in Switzerland being desired and fondled by someone else; say your friend to turn yourself on.

Nylons: Feel the Boner on Watching Your Partner Donning Seductive Nylon Outfits

If you are attracted to nylons and find them seductive then you probably have a fetish for them. This kink generally involves feeling attracted to a woman in nylons. Men derive pleasure in witnessing someone put on nylons for themselves and getting rid of it at the same time before having sex in Switzerland. When indulging in love-making with your partner, you can ask her to do the same to feel the pleasure.

Pregnancy: Get Aroused by Watching Someone’s Baby Bump

Forming a baby bump within a few months of getting pregnant might sound normal and natural to us, but it turns on the heat for several men out there. A lot of men get aroused looking at that baby bump or pregnant woman. Blame it on adult movies where there is a completely new section dedicated to pregnancy sex. What probably arouses a man on seeing a pregnant woman is the:

  • Glow they develop from the time they conceive
  • The bigger belly, and
  • The bulkier breasts

However crazy it might sound, but pregnancy fetish isn’t abnormal but is viewed as normal by a lot of men.

Whipping and Lashes: Experience the Fun of Whipping and Punishing Your Woman

Given how mainstream whips have been portrayed by the media as one of the most desired kinks of men, this fetish might not come to you as a surprise. If you aren’t used to whipping and are wishing to do the same with call girls in Switzerland, then you should start slow. It can be extremely exciting to experience this kind but can be equally painful for your partner. So, before you decide to do it, make sure you have her consent.

Wax Play: Get on the Characters of Adult Movie

Wax play is one of the most common parts of BDSM, at least as TV, film and books depict it to be. Wax play includes pouring hot wax on your partner on letting someone do that on you. However, you must use the right candles to fulfil this fetish. You cannot simply use the scented candles to do the job as you might run the risk of getting burnt or burning up your partner. Either invest in soy candles or paraffin candles which burn but don’t harden when dripped on the body.

Bondage: Because Hardcore Foreplay is Simply Incomplete Without This

Bondage sex is a kind of activity where you either tie up your partner using either of the following:

  • Cuffs
  • Non-stick tape
  • Rope

Bondage fetish can be carried out only when you have full trust in each other as partners. Japanese bondage for instance is pretty and can be quite erotic given how it includes a whole variety of activities like:

  • Forced orgasm
  • Intercourse
  • Fondling
  • Manhandling
  • Groping
  • Wax play
  • Whips
  • Punishment

However, you must ensure that all kinds of bondage sex must be practiced carefully because it isn’t only uncomfortable for your partner but can also be painful. When engaging in bondage sex in Switzerland, make sure you adhere to all the safety guidelines to see your woman isn’t hurt in the process.

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