Backstage Tips For All Aspiring Models

Makeup is the most essential thing in a model’s kitty. Without that she will not be able to put up the show that is required of her. But a few tips would do just fine for a model to be looking fit and healthy every single day without fail.

Here are some tips that would draw back the curtains to let on the dos and don’ts of makeup ideas for female models.

Tip 1 – Face Cleansing Ritual

Even before you have a glimpse of the model’s face first thing in the morning, she will already have cleansed her face way before that time. You should never sleepover with the day’s makeup. Wash your face with a good quality makeup remover and face wash It will cause more damage to your face than you can imagine.

The first thing that you should do religiously every night after you return from your shooting trip, remove the makeup that is there on your face. The bad effects of remaining makeup can be clogged pores and premature ageing. If you do not want to associate yourself with it then immediately remove it.

And the first thing that you should do early morning as you get up, cleanse your face with a deep cleanser that suits your skin type.

Tip 2 – Get A Deep Massage With A Good Quality Face Moisturizer

There are many things that you may not know about moisturizing if you are new to the modelling world or giving it a thought. When you are moisturizing your face, deeply massage it into every pore so that it feels relaxed.

You should not just lightly rub it and leave it at that. It will do you more harm than good on your makeup. It will only aid the makeup to run off your face and the whole thing will look like a hurried job done. It will have to look smooth so just simply get a deep facial massage with your moisturizer.

Tip 3 – Never Use Heavy-Duty Face Moisturizer At All Times

Female models should never use heavy-duty face moisturizer at all times. As fashions shows can extend for weeks on the skin of the models tend to look dull and bad after the first week. The skin gets dehydrated, raw, tired, blemished and dull.

It is then that they should buck up and use some heavy-duty moisturizer to tide over the interim period. Otherwise, you should not follow this regime all year round. So relax and be gentle on your face because it is not for everyday use.

Tip 4 – Scraping The Lips To Remove Dead Skin

Many models come to the fashion show with chapped and severely cracked lips. But this has to be stopped. This has to be done by scraping away the top layer of dead skin with a makeup remover. After that, a thick layer of lip balm is applied. With some time gone by letting the balm to soak in, the model herself should scrub that layer of lip skin with a mascara wand.

Again the process of applying more makeup and scrubbing is repeated to remove the debris. The lips are again coated with a second layer of lip balm and left like that for some time.

Tip 5 – Applying Multiple Layers Of Foundation Is The Trick

There cannot be one favourite colour for models or any model agency for that matter. Even they cannot, however much they would like to, they cannot pinpoint any one suitable foundation colour.

No one colour will blend with the skin colour of the model effortlessly. She will have to dabble with many colours, creams, layers of thin liquids with a topping of dry heavy pigments. This will have to be smoothed out with numerous brushes, sponges and fingers till she gets the desired tone and texture that is required with her face.

Tip 6 – Must Remove Eye Goop With Perfection

It’s a painstaking process of applying layers of foundation and makeup. It is also a time-consuming process that needs a lot of precision. So in the end when a model’s eye goop needs to be removed it should not be done with fingers. It could spoil the whole show. It should ideally be done with a cotton swab and exacting precision.

Tip 7 – Nose Blowing Should Be Done Carefully

The nose should be cleaned by putting in a model’s fingers wrapped around a tissue. It will not spoil the makeup. It cannot at any cost be wiped.

Tip 8 – Using Lip Balm On Different Parts Of Face

To make the model’s face glow and shine, lip balm can be used on the face on parts like eyelids, cheekbones, nose bridge and top of the lips.

Tip 9 – Cover The Entire Body With Makeup And Lotion

After the models are dressed, any part of the body that is differently coloured and open must be covered with makeup totally. First, apply lotion and then the makeup.

Tip 10 – Touch-Ups Are A Must

Touching up even after the final makeup is a must. And the number of touchups is endless and it keeps going on till the model is up on the ramp or in front of the camera.


Now you must be fully aware of what goes on backstage at Bunny Models Agency, you can implement these tips even if your model agency does not.


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