9 Skincare Secrets Every Model Knows

It’s all fun and games to watch models take care of their ahead of fashion shows, runway walks, and model portfolio shoots. While their skincare process looks endless, they are quite easy to pull off. Most of the bunny models are blessed with impeccably beautiful skin. But for models who aren’t, they are quite aware of all the skincare hacks and trips to maintain healthy and good skin.

Top 9 Skincare Hacks that Promise Amazing Skin to the Models

  • Skincare Layering the Right Way

If you aren’t aware of the know-how of skincare products and which products to follow after which one, then your skincare might not turn out to be as effective as you thought it would. The top models are aware of how to properly layer their skin with skincare products. The general rule of thumb they follow is to apply the products with the most lightweight formulas at first before moving on to the heavier creams, to allow the skin to absorb the former one. Also, to prevent your skin from getting confused, wait for some time before using the second product over the first one.

  • Not Overusing the Skincare Products

Less is more when it comes to skincare. Applying layers of moisturizer would only result in pilling and pores blockage. Also, it is a complete wastage of the product you are using, given how your skin might not be able to absorb so much product all at once.

  • Double-Cleansing is the Way for a Complete Skin Transformation

Double cleansing has always been the favorite of the models, given how it promises to transform your skin completely. The models cleanse their skin twice a day to make sure there’s no accumulation of pollution, oil, bacteria, and dirt on their skin. Double cleansing is one of the best ways to achieve the cleanest base for your next skincare routine.

  • Say ‘No’ to Using Expired Skincare Products

Bunny models abstain from using products that are living on their expiry dates. The expired products encourage bacteria growth and can cause both infections and irritations that don’t turn out quite well. For instance, an expired mascara can harbor dangerous toxins which can prove hazardous for your health and skin as well. And to rule out the possibility of being affected by any kind of product, make sure to get rid of all of them if you are not able to recall when you last purchased them.

  • Sunscreen is Vital for Your Skin

There’s one product that is highly recommended by all dermatologists; sunscreen. Sunscreens not only keep your skin safe from sun damage but also control premature aging. Remember your skin damage is mostly caused by sun exposure. So always keep your skin protected using sunscreen that has SPF 30 in it. Make sure to apply sunscreen every day to keep your skin alive.

  • Incorporate Masks into Your Skincare Routine

Most women love pampering their skin with sheet masks once in a while, but models from the models’ agency swear by masks almost every day as part of their daily routine. Top facialists around the world recommend keeping the mask on every morning to keep your skin hydrated. Face masks are used to treat a multitude of skin conditions and are suitable for all types of skin; acne-prone to oily and even sensitive types. Just research on the best masks according to your skin type.

  • Think of Your Skin When Eating and Drinking Something

Irrespective of what expensive products you lather on your face, if you are not able to maintain a good and balanced diet, your skin might not look that best. To maintain that glow, you must count on ample vitamins and minerals enriched with beauty-boosting formulas along with the correct nutrients to keep your gut in good health. Similarly, there is a list of foods that you must stay away from to keep your skin healthy. Keep yourself hydrated with ample water consumption.

  • Exfoliation is Important for Proper Cleansing of Pores

Exfoliation is one of the key ingredients to keep your pores clean. The chemical exfoliators for instance like the AHAs and BHAs are formulas based on enzymes that have been tested for effective pore cleaning and dead skin cell desolvation while also encouraging the skin regeneration process. Exfoliation can keep your skin both radiant and clean.

  • Vitamin C is All You Need for that Ultimate Glow

Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants that can protect your skin from all kinds of environmental stress which promotes premature aging. Vitamin c is also great in brightening up your skin. Vitamin C is used to protect your skin from its harmful rays.

These are some of the basic and important skincare secrets that every model engaged in the models’ agency at Bunny Models is aware of. You can browse through their amazing selection of models who are known for mesmerizing charms and attractive features. You can hire models for a whole of fun activities, dating, photoshoots, travel companions, and more.


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