5 Top Fashion Trends This Summer

Summer will be upon us before you even realize and the summer trends are on their way to inspire you. That said, you might also get the urge to replicate the style of bunny models walking the ramp. With the models making their presence felt in the fashion industry, thanks to their unmatched style, you might want to add a few pieces to your wardrobe to bring alive your summer fashion. You might want to turn to lighter and breathable fabrics to look fresh s a dew. The stylish trends you choose must pose a balance between joyful shades and comfortable fabric, besides being fun and wearable.

Here is a compilation of all the top summer trends that you might want to copy this season and get flooded with compliments.

  • Body Glitter for Intensely Shimmery Skin

Multiple top-class brands have displayed their affection for slick and glittery skin by bringing back the bizarre Y2k trend through their model girls on the ramp walks. The high-end brand labels have made models walk the runway with bare skin clad in a thick layer of body glitter. Then there were fashion brands who made their models walk the ramp with their glossy skin. During the same time, brands like Del Core had also decided to cover the faces of their models in an intense glitter layer. It goes needless to mention, that shimmer and radiant skin will earn much hype during the music festivals.

  • Bleached Brows for An Overtly-Flawless Look

Another top fashion trend that will be ruling the next summer would be bleached eyebrows. Brands like DSquared2 have decided to walk their model with a bleached brow look. The bleached brow look renders an exclusive and flawless look to their appearance. The bleached look offers an amazing contrast to your natural brow. The natural brow look has reigned in the fashion industry for quite some time. And for fashionistas who wish to change their style game, you can always take inspiration from this head-turning look.

  • Graphic Eyes for a Dramatic Look

You have seen various model girls donning bold and graphic eyes on the runways. The models were made to wear bolder eyeliner shades like blue and neon green along with dramatic wings. To complement this dramatic look, they were also made to flaunt massive wings and metallic eyeshadows. We have also witnessed top models displaying chunky black wings and double-wing looks on runways. So, for the upcoming summer, you can break out from your usual black eyeliner and take the route of graphic eyes to show off one of the hottest beauty trends of the season.

  • Slick Hair to Bring About an Aerodynamic Look

A lot of designers have shown their love for slick hair through their models, like for instance Versace who made models showcase their slicked top half hair back. Dior had its models do the same but with buns. However, other models who were part of the trend like Giorgio Armani had a lot of their models come out in slick wet looks and shiny pixie cuts. Slick hair is claimed to venture into the market especially during the hot months.

  • Middle Parts for a Notable Style Statement

Another fashion trend this summer that shall see a lot of models gracing on them would middle parting hairstyle. This style was adopted by eminent brands like Fendi, Etro, Prada, etc but with different interesting variations. Despite looking simply, the middle parting hair can help your face look more framed than before. It also completely exposes your face unlike other updo and hair-down styles.

Other Summer Fashion Trends that Are Making Their Dramatic Comeback

Illuminating Yellow to Lift Your Mood

Yellow has been nominated as the brightest and illuminating colour of 2021, thanks to its boldness and optimism. The lemony yellow hue is one of the mood-lifting colours that promise to make a statement no matter where you wear it; shoes, hair colour, eyeliner, dress, etc. Fill your closet with ample yellow.

Long Dresses that Make a Complete Outfit

Floor-length and comfortable maxi dresses make for a complete outfit. For a more romantic version, you can choose the leg-o-mutton sleeves. Vuitton’s sportswear edition looks cool and can remind you of street style given how its striking colour palette.

Wide Pants to Replace Cropped Pants

The wide pants are your best option if you are not much into dresses. The full-length and wide pants are perfect for tall girls. There are wide pants available featuring cinched waists and larger thighs, which you can team up with hip-long top wear.

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