5 Extremely Intensive Kamasutra Sex Positions to Experience

There are many situations when having sex with your partner just doesn’t feel perfect. One of the major reasons for the feeling may be the position you guys have been trying for a long time has become really monotonous. There is also a possibility that the vagina of the lady is feeling loose, or you two are just not feeling the friction while penetrating. Luckily, you can find the solution for all these problems by trying out the ancient Kamasutra sex positions.

Well, there are some stereotypical thoughts among the couples that revolve around that the positions are really acrobatic and too awkward to try in their personal life. In that case, be assured that your assumption is completely wrong. Even these days, the sex positions of Kamasutra are considered to be the go-to sex position, and couples can enjoy them thoroughly by performing on the bed.

If you want to successfully give these sex positions a try, you can always opt for the best escort girls hired from a reputed agency. Here in this article, you will find the top 5 go-to sex positions mentioned in Kamasutra that you can definitely try to intensify your sexual pleasure.


As the name suggests, the sex of Kamasutra is perfect for giving your lady-love the illusion of a tighter vagina. After a certain time period of having sex with your partner, you may feel less friction while you insert into your partner’s vagina. But with this style, the woman is going to get the utmost thrill when you are going to penetrate inside her.

How to Execute the Position- Ask your girl to lie down in her stomach and keep the legs together. And now you have to climb over your partner and penetrate inside her as you lie on your back. To balance the thrust while banging your partner, ask her to hold the headboard of the bed. For added pleasure, you can also give spanks on the butt of your girl. To experience the utmost pleasure, you can search for the call girls rates near you and hire one.


This position is especially for those couples who love to intensify things while having sex. With this position, your partner will feel the intense thrusting motion. Also, it deepens the penetration.

How to Execute This Position– Ask your partner to lie down on her back and keep her legs at the edge of the bed. Now ask her to raise her legs and cross over them like a scissor. While standing on the edge, slowly penetrate inside her vagina and start giving strokes. Your partner can even hold your legs to add extra thrust.


There is a slight difference between the standard way of spooning and the Kamasutra version of it. While performing Kamasutra spooning, you can enjoy deeper penetration and a tighter vagina at the same time.

How to Execute This Position– Ask your lady-love to lie down on her side and put her legs together. Now you have to start penetrating inside her vagina without lifting the leg at all. To have the intense experience, you can trust while your partner holds you close to her. The best part of this position is you can simultaneously kiss her back, fondle the breasts, and spank the buttocks.

Crouching Tiger

To experience a tighter vagina and deeper penetration at the same time, a crouching tiger is probably one of the must-try sex positions. Although it’s a variation of the previous sex position, you can still enjoy added pleasure while trying this.

How to Execute This Position– Ask your partner to go to the exact same posture of the ‘spooning’ position. But in this style, instead of extending, she needs to pull the legs towards her chest. Now you can penetrate inside her from the back and enjoy the thrill of the position. Most of the call girls provided by the best escort agencies are well-trained to execute this style of sex.

The Seduction

Aptly named, this sex style is perfect to seduce your partner and make her scream with excitement. To enjoy the posture with an experienced escort, search for the call girls rates online and hire one.

How to Execute This Position- Ask your partner to kneel on her legs and hands (just like the doggy style) while her buttocks are facing you. Now, as she keeps her legs together, penetrate her from the backside. To add some extra flavour, you can pull up her hair or even fondle the breasts while giving thrust.

Kamasutra positions are the best way to enjoy the intensity of physical intimacy. The origin of these postures may be thousand years old, but they are still relevant and scientific in today’s world. Just close your eyes and go with the flow of the moments. These sex positions will connect you together like no other.