10 Sex Positions That Men Love

Want to make him go insane in bed and spice up your sex life? You have the opportunity to do so. All you have to do now is master these beautiful sex positions that we all know guys like. Men normally go to great lengths in bed to ensure that the call girl is happy and satisfied with the sex.

It’s now your turn to repay the favour. Perform a role reversal and turn your man on. Because sex positions are so crucial, here are some of the most popular sex positions among males. And these aren’t your run-of-the-mill missionary jobs.

  1. Woman On Top

No one wants to be in this position. This allows you to be on top and in command. Whenever a lady leads the way and controls the sex scene, men are ecstatic. The lady in charge will undoubtedly drive you insane. You select the rate according to your preferences, which might range from sluggish to extremely quick.

  1. The Reverse Cowgirl Position

The reverse cowgirl position is another popular sex position among guys. The call girl on top in this one, with her back to the male. There isn’t a lot of eye connection or touching, but the stroke is sufficient to get your man’s attention.

  1. The Standing Position

After a few attempts, this may be polished. The standing position is when the two of you are standing side by side and the man approaches from behind. You may attempt this stance in your kitchen if you want to make the most of it.

  1. Spooning

This is a sex position that enables a lot of body contact, making it a particularly intimate position. The male will penetrate if the two of you lie down side by side. Your back will be to the man, and he will be able to grab you tightly. Allow him to embrace you from behind as you enjoy gentle slow-motion sex and fall asleep swiftly. For the male, this is a wonderfully soothing sex position.

  1. The Lap Dance

Who doesn’t enjoy having sex in various locations? Pull out a wooden chair and sit on top of your partner while he is seated. He’ll adore the sensation of you riding him and having total control over him.

  1. The Traditional Missionary

It suffices to say that this is a classic stance. It’s simple and personal, and practically anyone can pick it up quickly. The man confronts you as you lie flat on your back. It allows you to make adequate eye contact while also allowing you to utilise your hands. Even though he is in command, you are in a comfortable position as well.

  1. Your Legs on His Shoulders

This is a different take on the lowly missionary job. With your legs stretched over his shoulders, he gains support and can reach places he previously couldn’t. If you want to go a little kinky, you may reach his pelvis with your legs and seal him in.

To provide stability and penetration, place a cushion beneath the hips. You can both see how much you love your intense moments together. Men adore this position because it gives them a lift. After all, ladies are also actively engaging.

  1. Doggy Style

It has to be in the manner of a dog. In this position, he has complete control and may release the animal within you. Every man like this sex position because it gives him complete control and allows for deeper penetration. For some reason, guys take satisfaction in their ability to manoeuvre in the doggy-style position.

  1. Sitting On The Sofa

The guy sits at the end of the couch, as you sit across his lap and cross your legs around his waist, as the name implies. You may cuddle up and enjoy some kissing sessions while he indulges in his sexual fantasies. Because a posture like this generally allows for more penetration, you might as well make it your default.

  1. Sixty-Nine

The age-old oral stimulation has been a part of popular culture for a long time. We doubt you’re unfamiliar with this one, but it entails you slamming your rear end into his face while descending on him. The number 69 is one of the most well-known sex positions and for a valid reason.


When it comes to sex, be inventive and do things that are most appropriate for you and your partner. Go with your feelings and wishes. If you’re bored with your bedroom, go somewhere new like the best escort service firm. You can kiss one another while biting each other in the correct areas or nibbling on a strawberry or chocolates.

You have the option of giving a flavoured kiss or a smooch. So, the sky’s the limit when it refers to making love to your boyfriend. Make preparations to rock his mind and have his mind blown in return by being inventive and attractive.


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